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For the food lover in everyone.


Classes, Private Dining, & more

  • Unique cooking classes for the foodie in you
  • Personalized dinner with a private chef and server at your vacation home
  • Catering for your small and large events with front-of-house event professionals (bartenders, event managers, and servers)

Veronica’s years of hospitality experience, including catering fine dining events in the region have allowed her to form relationships with chefs, cooking instructors, and local food producers. She can arrange cooking classes, unique private dining experiences with one-of-a-kind meals, or front-of-house catering for small to large events. 

Cooking Classes

Sushi and Wine Pairing Class

Ever wanted to be educated on ordering wine with sushi? Or ever had the desire to learn how to make sushi?

Chef Edward Metcalfe has been mastering his sushi skills for the last 27 years. He will teach you the basics on rice, fish, Japanese ingredients, rolling techniques, and basic sushi knowledge.

He will discuss wine and sushi pairing so you are comfortable ordering the right wine based on your sushi likes. Try this fun and educational class for a unique wine country experience!


Chef Ed Metcalf has been a chef and restaurateur for the last 27 years. He specialized in sushi under the training of Japanese and Hawaiian chefs and has worked in kitchens through out the world. After owning and operating a sushi/Asian restaurant in the town of Sonoma for 12 years, it was time to pursue his passion of teaching. Chef Ed Metcalf’s take on sushi is heavily influenced by Hawaiian comfort food and the meticulous presentation of sushi as an art form. The class will focus on sushi basic techniques and a general education on fish species, farming, how to source and where to source.

Cheese-Making Class

Sheana Davis breaks down the barriers to cheesemaking, making it accessible, easy and fun with energetic, hands-on classes that teach participants how to craft a fresh, warm ricotta cheese that is ready to serve and enjoy within 90 minutes.

Upon arrival, guests are welcomed with locally crafted wine and an artisanal cheese tasting, allowing them to explore different types of handcrafted cheeses prior to creating their own.

Next, Davis leads participants in the interactive process of making fresh ricotta cheese. All ingredients used are readily available in any local grocery and the cooking supplies used reside in most home cooks’ kitchens.

Participants work in a group to create the cheese: they pour the milk, ladle, and scoop the curds, and within 60 minutes they have a delicious, fresh ricotta cheese ready to be enjoyed by the group.

Upon completion, Davis shares various seasonally inspired ways to serve the cheese, using local herbs, jams and produce. All participants leave with their own cheesecloth and ladles to continue the cheesemaking experience at home.

Private Dining & Catered Events






Chef Didier

Didier Ageorges’ passion for cuisine is evident in every event, menu, and plate he creates. From his early training in France, and through his travels around the world, he has amassed a global view and appreciation of ingredients that present him with a palette of creative opportunities.

After twenty years in some of France’s most luxurious hotel kitchens, including the grand Hotel du Palais Biarritz, Didier heeded the California call and was posted at San Francisco’s Ritz Carlton. From there, his explorations took him to the Wine Country and Sonoma’s famed Chalk Hill Winery where, as Estate Executive Chef, he paired his stylish creations with elegant wines for awe-inspiring dishes.

Chef Celine

Born in Paris and raised in the Basque country of southern France, Chef Celine embraced her passion for pastry first in her mother’s kitchen. After many years in Michelin-starred restaurants and hotels in France, her life path led her career to the U.S. and California for several prestigious hotel pastry chef posts with The Four Seasons, The Peninsula, and, eventually, the Ritz-Carlton where she would first collaborate with Chef Didier.

“Simple and tasty” is her motto, modestly expressed, but beneath is her wealth of knowledge, experience, and her love of refinement and elegance. “Respect for the ingredients and a delicate hand makes a truly great dessert!”







Chef Spencer Hochman

Raised in the Lower Hudson Valley just north of New York City, I began working with food during high school. After graduating from college, I decided to take cooking seriously. I worked my way through kitchens in Philadelphia, New York City, and Sonoma county (most notably L’Artusi and Blue Ribbon Sushi & Izakaya); in the process, I gained exposure to the styles and techniques of a variety of cuisines, including French, Italian, Spanish, American Barbecue, and Japanese Izakaya.

I left the restaurant world so that I could pursue my passion for creating and sharing intimate dining experiences with my guests.  After growing tired of cooking the same menu night after night, I now relish the variety in both settings and cuisines that being a private chef offers. Outside of my own private parties, I work as an in-house chef to facilitate events at Gary Farrel Vineyards & Winery, William Selyem Winery, and Dutton Estate Winery. Whether I’m cooking at one of our beautiful local wineries, a stunning vacation rental, or the comfort of your own home, I look forward to helping you create the meal of your dreams!








Chef Adair & Team

We curate a team of seasoned professionals from the best backgrounds, resumes and natural talent. Finding the balance between professionalism and fun. Performing parties with an open heart, grace and intuition.

Chef Garrett Adair is an award-winning bootstrap & Le Cordon Bleu Alumni Chef: With over 20 years experience in upscale French Bistros, catering company owner, Michelin Star restaurant experience, 8 years in restaurants, 15 years as a private chef/caterer, and 2.5 years restaurant owner.

​Our Cooking Style

  • Combining sight, aroma, taste, and textures with artisan plating design.
  • Hand sourcing local sustainable Northern California ingredients. We grow our own vegetables and herbs.
  • Cooking with fresh herbs, using wines & spirits.
  • Creating our own spice blends and practicing classic French techniques on fusion artisan California, Mediterranean & Wine Country Cuisine.